I slip on my sneakers and step outside to a web of sidewalks – Some are smooth and burnished by countless feet; Some uneven and marbled with olive moss and weeds; Others are new, freshly poured – the color of a photographer’s grey card – and fronting brand-new McMansions. Walking the neighborhood I’ve called home for over 30 years uncovers previously unknown hidden treasures and invokes a reevaluation of my complex relationship with it.

Layers, an ongoing photography and poetry project, seeks to document and ruminate on cultural shifts in Bayside, an urban-suburban American town on the outskirts of NYC; to examine the complex web of evolving dreams, hopes, and ideals; to record the tensions between the old and the new, nature and manmade, native and foreign; to search for signs of individuality in a sea of sameness; to unearth hidden glimpses of forgotten history and celebrate the renewal and richness of a growing, vibrant multi-cultural society.